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Welcome to danked.com

The online home of the Sphire Brothers

Rich and Ben Sphire (Friedland)


As children, us two brothers took inspiration from our father, a lifelong musician and music/technology lover, and found every opportunity we could to create and record audio and explore technology. Right before Y2K, Sphire Bros. began with a dusty old Amiga 1200, bought for us by our amazing Uncle Glenn. Soon we discovered this computer could create original audio, and with some fine-tuning, it could be tweaked into some pretty decent sounds to make music with. From there we continued our journey of exploring electronic devices as music-creation vessels as well as learning to develop computer systems and websites as our day jobs. We have always used this website as a testing playground for our music and an exercise in maintaining a website as well as tinkering with internet technology. In 2000 through 2010 we partnered with amazingly talented friends to create music, put on shows, and released a couple of albums that commemorate the work we did together. The crew was ADLM (AfterDinnerLiquidMints) and our various cohorts, TightRope Walkers, Cob@lt, Nik Fuq, Crumbl, and far too many more to name.

Check out what we did

Check out some of our favorite works that came out of “The Lab” or our old garage home studio space which moved several times over the years. We recorded dozens of local artists to create hundreds of garage recordings and several complete albums.

As a crew, we managed to put on some shows and get booked on quite a few others. We have opened for the likes of Black Sheep of the Native Tongues, Digital Underground, Blackalicious, Hieroglyphics, Grouch & Eligh, Busdriver, Aceyalone, Tame One of the Artifacts, and many more. We have produced music with Immortal Technique, MacLethal, Asop from Living Legends, and more.

Song Highlights

Coming Correct
Get Home
Hard Hitter
In a Word
In Search Of
Kessel Run
Music Makers
RazorBlade Deathsticks
Relative Reality
Rock la Familia
Skull to the Sky
Virtual Vertigo
A New Hope
Whatcha Want (TRW Mixtape)



Opening for Blackalicious in Modesto 2005


Brag a Dope Show


Made on a Mac

Photo Albums

Album Art




As a hobby, we still maintain danked.com, and “The Lab” still exists, it is now called “The Super Studio” and has evolved as we have. It is more mature and better equipped. I am extremely pleased to report that our hobby facility is firing on all cylinders and churning out more fun projects including but not limited to technical, audio, video, and digital works of art.


We continue to create sounds and may someday bring those to the stage and other platforms. Check in from time to time to see what we are up to.

Love and respect

We would like to send out much love and respect to all of those who have worked with us and supported us over the years. It has been a fantastic journey with you all thus far.

Credit due (alphabetical)

Auto-generated ADLM channel on YouTube

Future Ben on Apple Music

RichSphire on SoundCloud

Rich Friedland on LinkedIn


Questions, additions, removals, corrections? Contact info@danked.com